PrimeTrack FAQs


Q. What system does PrimeCo have in place for board member or community members to get information about our painting or construction job?

A. PrimeTrack® is our proprietary, internet-based website that was designed just for this purpose. With a log-in and password, any member of the community can access the information portal.

Q. Our community is being painted, I need to know about when my unit will be done.

A. A schedule is posted on PrimeTrack® for projects expected to last longer than 2-3 weeks. It is updated weekly to provide a timeframe for impending work. Of course, the schedule is weather-dependent.

Q. I got a notice on my door about some of the things I need to do in preparation for painting but I lost it. How can I get another copy?

A. Copies of all project related notices are posted on the PrimeTrack® page for your community.

Q. Our community was painted about six months ago and I want match the paint color on my new trellis. How can I find out what manufacturer and colors were used?

A. A Job Summary is posted on your communities PrimeTrack® page, that tells which paint manufacturer was used, the name of the paint product, the type of paint and the paint colors. It also provides the contact information on the store from which it was purchased.


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